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Information for new employees found here.

Information for new students found here.

This category contain information about ITS relevant to perspective students and their families.

Here you will find resources for working remotely and getting remote support.

Information about JasperNet accounts, including account activation and updating your personal email for password resets.

This category provides additional information that may be relevant to you such as G Suite, Turnitin, Network, and Classroom Support.

Information and guides regarding the Classroom and Labs at Manhattan College

Digital accessibility is the practice of insuring that all people, including those with disabilities, can access and use electronic resources and communications. It encompasses common elements such as:

Computer hardware and software
Mobile devices

Instructions for accepting digital badges.

Online Faculty new faculty credentialing and activity reporting system.

Digital Signage Units on campus are powered by Concerto II, an open-source platform.

Player Devices are Raspberry Pi's.

Information and support guides for setting up and using multi-factor authentication using Duo.

Banner, Clear Company ATS (Employee Recruiting & Onboarding System) and 25LIVE

Information and guides regarding Faculty Laptop Initiative (FLI)

This section contains articles related to Financial Aid such as the Work Study Onboarding Tutorial.

This section contains articles related to Google services such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, etc.

This will contain articles related to the new website which in Fall of 2016 replaced the myMC portal.

Training guides for Mobile Apps

Information and guides regarding mobile development at Manhattan College, i.e. Glance App

Information and guides regarding Moodle

Information on network, connectivity, and communication such as wifi.

Information and guides regarding PCs, Software, & Peripherals at Manhattan College

This section contains articles related to information for Manhattan College surveys.

Training Resources and Initiatives

This category contain content relevant to Cyber Security preventions and procedures as well as information about online scams.

This category contains content relevant to Purchasing support.

This category contains information and resources pertaining to editing PDFs.

Articles (4)

Link to Moodle Continuity Planning for Teaching and Learning

This article will help you troubleshoot running a class entirely online using Moodle.

Zoom to Meets Clarification Chart

This article helps to clarify some of the feature differences between Zoom and Google meet.