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Services (7)

API's and Data Integration (Web and Collaboration)

Requests for API's and Data Integration (Web and Collaboration team). Usually Internal.

Cascade Website Development (Service)

ITS's Web and Collaboration Group supports the technology infrastructure for the college's websites hosted on the Cascade CMS.

IOS and Android App Development and Support

Glance MC is Manhattan College's student-developed native app.

It is available for download in the iOS App store and on Google Play.

Problems with or Missing Faculty Profile Data

The definitive - and single - source of campus directory information is Banner Self-Service.  Such information is displayed in the Campus Directory, and pulled into Faculty Profiles.  Many other systems - including Moodle - also use this data.

Service Landing Pages

Request services for service landing pages

Content Issue

Marketing and Communication manages content and access to the public and inside manhattan websites. Please contact Marketing and Communication for Assistance.

Add Service to Inside Manhattan Website Quicklinks

Request to add service to Inside Manhattan Website quicklinks