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Information and guides regarding PCs, Software, & Peripherals at Manhattan College

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Information and guides regarding Turnitin

Hardware / Peripherals

Information and guides regarding hardware and peripherals


Information and guides regarding Maple Software

Windows Support

Information and guides regarding Windows support

Faculty Laptop Initiative (FLI)

Information and guides regarding Faculty Laptop Initiative (FLI)

Kace Remote Software Installation

KACE K1000 Management Appliance is a software inventory management tool employed campus-wide at Manhattan College, primarily to automate and expedite the process of software updates. Many higher education customers use KACE.


Information and guides regarding the Padcaster Equipment

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Accessing Linux Labs

A guide on how to access Linux Labs

Acquiring Software That Is Not Provided by ITS for Your College Owned Computer

Article explains how to acquire software not provided by ITS for your college owned computer.

Adding a Large Amount of People to a Google Group

A guide explaining how to use Google Groups to make dealing with large numbers of emails much easier, especially for inviting many people to calendar events.

AirParrot Video Limitation

Information on the AirParrot Video Limitation

Basic Malware Removal

Manhattan College ITS recommends either AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes software to rid your computer of malware. Below are instructions for downloading the software

Best Practices for Creating ADA Accessible PDF Documents

Best practices to make PDF documents more accessible.

Building Your Own Personal Website and Have it Hosted For Free

Common places to create and have your website hosted. Also, custom domain names and connecting them to your site.

Clearing Your Web Browser's Cache

A guide on how to clear your web browser's cache

Compressing Large PDF Documents

A guide on how to compress large PDF documents

Computer Transition Checklist

A checklist for computer transitioning

Configuring Multiple Monitors

A guide on how to configure multiple monitors

Converting Files to PDF

A guide on how to convert various files to PDF, which is especially useful when printing wirelessly using WebPrint.

Enabling AutoRecover in Microsoft Office Programs

A guide on making sure the AutoRecover feature is enabled in Microsoft Office 2019, Office 365 and most newer versions of Office.

Free Software Available for Students

Software Installation List for Students

How to Backup/Restore Bookmarks

All modern web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, offer options for backing up your bookmarks and even browsing history. This allows for easy transfer of bookmarks between different computers and restoring bookmarks to your web browser in the event of a software malfunction. Please click on your web browser below for a step-by-step guide on backing up your bookmarks.

How to Update a Manhattan College Webpage on Turing (Server)

Article gives instructions on updating a Manhattan College webpage on turing (server) from a Mac OS and a Windows system.

Install the Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office

The Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office allows users working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to open documents directly from Google Drive, and save to Google Drive, without leaving their Office programs. Article gives instructions for installing the Drive plug in for MS Office.

ITS Computer Recommendations for Employees

A list of ITS recommended computers for employees including the standard Faculty Laptop Initiative model and standard Computer Lab PC model.

ITS Personal PC Recommendations

A list of ITS recommended computers for personal use

List of Requestable Software for Manhattan College Owned Devices

A comprehensive list of requestable software for Manhattan College owned devices

Lost Access to VPN on Virtual Machine

This guide provides steps for fixing issues with VPN access.

Mac OS X - Using Disk Utility

A guide on how to use Disk Utility on Mac OS X

Mail Merging using Microsoft Office

A guide on how to mail merge using Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 365 - Free install on up to 5 personal devices

A guide on how to install Microsoft Office 365 for free on up to 5 devices

Microsoft Software Troubleshooting

Article give instructions for software troubleshooting and includes links to manufacturer software support page.

PowerPoint - Extended Monitor Fix

A guide on how to fix the extended monitor issue on Powerpoint 2013

Print Dialogue Differences

Differences between print dialogues

Removing the Document Gallery in Microsoft Office on Mac OS X

Guide on how to remove Start Menu on Mac OS X so that it opens directly to a blank document

Removing the Start Screen in Microsoft Office on Windows

Guide on how to remove the start screen on office so that it opens a new document instead.

Setting up Google Drive as the Default Folder when Saving on Mac OS X

Guide on how to set up Google Drive as the default folder when saving on MAC OS X

Setting up Google Drive as the Default Folder when Saving on Windows

A guide on how to set up Google Drive as the default folder when saving on Windows

Setting Up Remote Desktop on Windows 10

A guide on how to set up remote desktop on Windows 10

Taking Screenshots With Mac OS, Windows, and iOS

Links with instructions for how to take a screenshot on common devices. Also, a free software called Jing that allows basic elements to be added on images such as screenshots.

Unable to Modify Scale When Trying to Print

Changing the scale when printing using Google Chrome

Using a Scanner

Article gives overview of how to use a scanner. A scanner allows you to make photos or documents digital. Once you make them digital you can share them in a variety of ways.

Using Activity Monitor on Mac Devices

A guide on using Activity Monitor on Mac devices to manage resources and improve battery life and performance.

Using Incognito Mode

A guide on using incognito mode in different web browsers.

Using Windows Task Manager

A guide on using the built in Windows Task Manager